Full Spectrum Organic Cannabis Extract Oil 100ML



I personally use it for cooking chicken breast with asparagus and it just adds a final touch for that oomph!

Retail price  for 500MG 15ML is $25 on the market. It was never sufficient for users to fully enjoy the benefits and effects of CBD.

King Kush World is Offering wholesale prices to public.

1000MG 100ML for $250

1000MG 500ML for $1000

1000MG 1000ML(1 Liter) for $1800

1000MG 3.79Liter (1 Gallon) for $6500

Prices are in Canadian dollars. This is Lowest price on the market.

1000MG per ml. this is highest concentrate form. not diluted. you can vape it, take it orally or cook with it.

anyway as you want.